Full Lesbian Relationship Timeline of Sol and Ji-Wan #Soljiwan from 'Nevertheless,' (Part 3 of 3)

At last, this is the third and final part of my blog series where I summarized and compiled every notable scene between Sol and Ji-Wan, that is #Soljiwan, of Netflix's 'Nevertheless,'... as though they're the only couple on the show.

Of course, if you haven't yet read Part 1 or Part 2, check those posts out first if you want to get the full context behind this adorable lesbian pair.

We last left off at Episode 6, where Ji-Wan had invited herself to Glasses Dude's lunch with Sol, defending her woman from the perceived threat.





Getting ready to go on a group trip, most of the gang, including Sol, wait for Ji-Wan before taking off. When Ji-Wan finally arrives, she endearingly only sees Sol, screams her name and tackle hugs her, as though everyone else is invisible.



The group attends a carnival as part of the outing and line up to ride a ferris wheel. Sol suddenly says she'll sit out the ride because she's afraid of heights. Glasses Dude, forever hopeful, jumps at the opportunity to spend time with Sol and claims he's also afraid of heights and will wait with her. Ji-Wan calls them both cowards and proceeds to board the ride, but Sol reminds her that she's also scared of heights. This doesn't dissuade Ji-Wan and Sol ends up changing her mind as well and accompanies Ji-Wan on the ferris wheel. Glasses Dude is forgotten.



On board the ferris wheel, Soljiwan are seated across from another couple. It's clear that Ji-Wan's amygdala is starting to work and she's finally remembered her fear of heights. Sol, who seemingly has no fear of heights, notices how petrified Ji-Wan looks and tries to comfort her, even asking the other couple not to rock the ferris wheel cabin too much. It's only when Sol holds her hand that Ji-Wan feels instantly better.


Later in the evening, everyone in the group gathers to enjoy some drinking games. Ji-Wan gets boisterously drunk and Sol notes that she tends to get drunk more easily when outdoors... and everyone is like wtf how did you know that odd fact about her, did you get a PhD on Ji-Wan or something? Sol then explains that they've been best friends since middle school and corroborates Ji-Wan's account that she was popular with boys, adding earnestly that Ji-Wan is pretty.

Changing the topic, Glasses Dude tries to shoot his shot again and asks if Sol ever dated anyone. Inebriated Ji-Wan has enough of this and flat out tells him to stop trying because Sol doesn't like him. This prompts Sol to drag Ji-Wan away from the group into one of the rooms they'll be sleeping in for the night. 

After Sol gingerly lays a fumbling Ji-Wan onto the ground, Ji-Wan quiets down and longingly stares at Sol for enough time for it to feel awkward. Then, Ji-Wan asks Sol to hold her hand again. Sol's gay panic is as reliable as ever and activates, causing her to look away shyly. Unsatisfied with this response, Ji-Wan manages to get up and pulls Sol closer, and spills out her soul, telling her that she likes Sol the most, and then asks Sol who she likes the most. Is it Coffee Dude? Glasses Guy? Tears roll down her face as Ji-Wan pleads for Sol to only like her, not anyone else, and then conveniently collapses in Sol's arms.



The following day, the group is out eating a meal together and a hungover Ji-Wan is loudly complaining about being alive. One of their friends asks if Ji-Wan even remembers anything from last night, and she says she can't recall anything after their drinking games. Sol appears dejected at hearing this. Their friends start chiding Ji-Wan for being so irresponsible, telling her that Sol had to take care of her and wash her face after she passed out.



After everyone returns back to campus, Soljiwan splits from the group and a downcast Sol walks alongside Ji-Wan who obliviously blabbers on about the weather and getting ice cream. Now that they're alone, Sol asks Ji-Wan again if she really doesn't remember what happened last night, but Ji-Wan claims that she doesn't. Somewhat upset, Sol hastily tells Ji-Wan that she's going home and leaves her confused and standing in the street.



Some time goes by and we find Sol sitting alone in the stairwell, only to be interrupted by Ji-Wan who spots her and shouts her name enthusiastically. Sol barely acknowledges her, so Ji-Wan sarcastically points out that Sol's phone or her fingers must be broken because she hasn't returned any of her messages. When Sol doesn't engage, Ji-Wan demands to know what's going on and Sol claims she's just not feeling well. Concerned, Ji-Wan tries to feel her forehead and *GAY PANIC* Sol pushes her aside and says she needs to go, deserting Ji-Wan again in the stairwell. Ji-Wan then successfully auditions for the role of a sad puppy.



Sad puppy Ji-Wan returns to the swings where she and Ji-Wan had made up from their first fight, this time alone, looking pitifully at her one-sided text thread with Sol.

Ji-Wan then has a timely flashback of her drunken night in Sol's arms and this causes her to suddenly shoot up out the swing. Despite how purposeful she was in standing up, she then proceeds to walk with impressive slowness, as though she dreads what she needs to do next.



Ji-Wan waits at a street corner for Sol to walk by... and I really wonder how Ji-Wan gets anything done because everyone else seems to be really busy with art projects... Like, is she failing all of her classes right now because she spends all of her time stalking Sol?

Anyway, Sol ends up walking by and Ji-Wan confronts her, telling her that she does remember what happened that night. Sol cavalierly asks if Ji-Wan wants to apologize for what she did then and Ji-Wan carefully states that Sol must think that she should apologize.

Sol then clarifies and says that if what Ji-Wan said that night was a meaningless mistake that needs to be fixed, then this would be hurtful to Sol because... Sol LIKES her, NOT LIKE A FRIEND.

Surprisingly, Ji-Wan is taken aback, even though she's consistently acted like Sol's jealous, possessive and needy girlfriend throughout the entire series. Sol preemptively says that she knows Ji-Wan doesn't like her back and starts walking away. Ji-Wan's brain needs to buffer momentarily before her senses kick in and she runs after Sol, hugs her tightly from behind and tells her that what she said that night wasn't meaningless, so she won't apologize for it. However, Ji-Wan says she's not sure how she feels and then releases Sol and hurriedly trots off in the opposite direction.



We find Sol sitting across from Coffee Dude who confesses that he likes her and has clearly liked her from the first time they met. Sol tells him she already has someone she likes and that she's already told that person how she feels.

Meanwhile, Ji-Wan is with Nabi and tells her that a "friend" said they like her and she likes them back, but she's afraid dating may ruin their relationship. Nabi doesn't understand what the problem is... From her perspective, it seems like Ji-Wan and whoever this "friend" is are clearly sure about their feelings for each other, that's usually half the battle. Plus, since one of them confessed, there's no way they can go back to the way things were before unless they both got selective amnesia.



Later on, Soljiwan are catching up with their mutual friends and are shocked to find that one of them is getting married. The friend reveals that she's been with her partner for some time now and she just wanted a change, like a turning point in their relationship. 

Soljiwan give each other a furtive glance while Ji-Wan mumbles "turning point in a relationship" to herself... Honestly, if I were their friend, I'd be like, *snap snap*, hello, what kind of reaction is that to my big news??

Anyway, the scene cuts to the Soljiwan on the swings, which is apparently where everything important needs to happen. Ji-Wan tentatively asks Sol what would happen to them if Ji-Wan said she didn't like Sol in that way. It takes a few seconds for Sol to collect herself and she says that Sol will just keep liking her but it will be unrequited.

Ji-Wan then asks, and what if she does like Sol? Then they'll break up one day, but she doesn't want them to be stuck in this state either.

Sol can't help but smile since she realizes that this was the one hurdle for Ji-Wan, but they otherwise like each other. She crouches down in front of Ji-Wan and assures her that her feelings for her will never change. They then hug each other tightly, confirming the start of their newfound romantic relationship.

As an aside, I know this series came out last year, but just in case anyone plans to do a remake, THIS IS THE SCENE WHERE THERE SHOULD BE A KISS. Kthx.



In the last Soljiwan scene, they're gathered at a restaurant with their friends, shooting the shit, when the topic comes up of which person in a relationship likes the other more. Ji-Wan dismisses this as irrelevant, as long as the two end up together, but Glasses Dude insists that whichever person likes the other more matters.

Sol interjects and says shouldn't you like the other person more? After all, why would you want to be with them if you weren't certain? Ji-Wan swoons at this remark and Soljiwan shares a loving glance and clasp hands (with new complementary rings!) under the table. All of their friends and everyone within a 10 mile radius around them spontaneously combust from the cuteness.


The end!

I hope you enjoyed this recap of 'Nevertheless,' with lesbian blinders on! 

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