About Sesame But Different

Sesame But Different (SBD) started as a lesbian slice-of-life comic on Webtoons featuring Chia and Poppy (us!) and our real life relationship. 

We created SBD to poke fun at the silly, mundane, and heartwarming moments (sometimes embarrassing but, hopefully, mostly relatable) in our relationship.

Back when we were young and closeted, we used to search all over the internet (unintentionally losing bits of our innocence along the way) for content that could reassure us that there were others like us and that we could truly be happy one day.

Thankfully, we can attest that it really does get better and we're so grateful everyday that we get to help showcase a healthy, positive relationship through our comics and our greeting cards, comic book, and gifts.

Our unique, one-of-a-kind greeting cards were inspired by the hundreds of webcomics we've created. We grew tired of never being able to find non-generic greeting cards and gifts that reflected us and our relationship so we decided to create them on our own!

We hope you and that special someone in your life love them as much as we do and we are immensely thankful to all of you who have supported us and our work. 

If you're interested in why our comic is called Sesame But Different, check out our comic post about our name here.

You can also find us on PatreonWebtoonsTumblrInstagram, TikTok and Facebook.