Full Lesbian Relationship Timeline of Sol and Ji-Wan #Soljiwan from 'Nevertheless,' (Part 2 of 3)

This is Part 2 of my effort to scan through every episode of Netflix's 'Nevertheless,' that featured an adorable lesbian couple, Sol and Ji-Wan, known as #Soljiwan, and compile all of their interactions in linear fashion, without the distraction of the other relationships in the show.

If you haven't read Part 1, go check that out first before going any further!

We last left off at Episode 3 with Ji-Wan storming off in full jealous girlfriend mode after Sol brings Coffee Dude to the flea market.





The following day after the flea market debacle, the topic of Sol's exchange program comes up while Ji-Wan is hanging out with the art professor's assistants. They point out that she didn't seem to know that her best friend was going to go abroad and Ji-Wan notes that there wasn't any controversial about that, this was just the extent of her relationship with Sol. 

Before anyone has a chance to respond, she bolts and just as she opens the office door to leave, we find Sol on the other side, gently clutching a bag of candy intended for Ji-Wan. After a split second of hesitation, Ji-Wan blows past her and Sol chases after her.

Sol catches up with Ji-Wan who accuses Sol of keeping her in the dark about Sol's "boyfriend" and the exchange program. Although Sol claims that she tried to tell her, Ji-Wan is resolute that Sol never reveals the important things but isn't able to muster a response when Sol asks for an example. In a self-detonating move, Sol breaks the silence by throwing Ji-Wan's words back at her and suggests that this is probably just the extent of their relationship. Ji-Wan silently walks away. 


It seems like Ji-Wan goes underground for a period after that and runs into Nabi who asks her if she's talked to Sol lately. Ji-Wan brushes off the topic and they walk to class together.

Conveniently, based on what I've seen in this series, despite the large campus, all of the students seem to only have one classroom that they all go to. So, everyone's congregated there, including Sol, and when Ji-Wan and Nabi stroll in, Ji-Wan tells everyone that she's been off the grid because she's been feeling sick. A quiet but concerned Sol watches Ji-Wan in the background but they only share a quick glance. 


More time passes and, unable to bear it any longer, Sol waits for Ji-Wan by a staircase, and won't permit her to pass until they can talk again.



Sol says she honestly doesn't get why Ji-Wan is so upset and, just as Ji-Wan is about to respond, they hear a fight breakout nearby and inexplicably decide to run toward the danger. Sigh, this is why there would never be a drama based on my life. I would have first found a safe location for me and my sweetie and then called the cops to report the disturbance from afar...



Anyway, a fist fight has broken out between two guys, one of whom is romantically tied to Nabi, and Nabi is unsuccessfully trying to control the situation. As the most competent woman in the show, Sol single-handedly deescalates the fight and Ji-Wan calls the police. The two dudes are taken to the police station and, having done their Samaritan duty for the day, Sol and Ji-Wan take off hand-in-hand.



Soljiwan end up at park, where a distracted Ji-Wan is sitting on the swings going off on a stream of consciousness about what they just experienced. Sol is also mindlessly helping Ji-Wan swing as though she's a small child who's unable to create her own back-and-forth momentum, but her hand is clasped over Ji-Wan's hand. Neither of them seem to notice this until Sol makes a comment about how much Nabi must like one of the guys involved in the fight. Ji-Wan then self consciously pulls her hand away and says that she should go, but Sol wants to properly resolve the argument and they end up apologizing to each other. However, when Ji-Wan specifically asks her about Coffee Dude, Sol isn't able to give a response on what her relationship is with him.



Not long afterward, while everyone is working in the one art class in the entire school, the art professor reprimands Sol in front of everyone, asking her if she's been slacking lately because she's decided not to leave. Ji-Wan is miffed again that Sol didn't tell her first, but tries to conceal a smile at the good news. As soon as class adjourns, Sol tries to catch up with Ji-Wan, who has bolted to her locker, but is intercepted by Glasses Dude, who somehow thinks he still has a chance with Sol now. He asks if she's really decided not to leave as an exchange student and Sol, who's clearly not interested in him and blatantly stares at Ji-Wan while answering, confirms that she's staying while Ji-Wan is in earshot.



Later, Ji-Wan confides in Nabi that it's been frustrating to keep being the last one in the group to find out about Sol's plan changes. Nabi provides no comforting words whatsoever. Apparently, Sol has a big presentation that she's been preparing for, so Ji-Wan has been holding back from confronting her until after her presentation.



Eventually, the day of Sol's presentation arrives, and it's like... a one-sentence presentation. I have no idea why she needed so much time to prepare for it. In any event, Ji-Wan sneaks in, in the middle of Sol's sentence, and cheers for her after she's done. Sol smiles at her fondly and Ji-Wan shoots her a playful stink eye.



Now that Soljiwan is back to being attached at the hip, Ji-Wan is finally able to focus on other people and tries to play matchmaker over the phone for Nabi. Sol, privy to what's happening, attempts to separate herself from Ji-Wan's mischief, but Ji-Wan explains that this is futile... While Sol may think they are two separate individuals, when in proximity to each other, they become one mystical being, Soljiwan, and Sol must accept Ji-Wan's actions as her own as well... I mean, she didn't say exactly that, but that was the gist of it.

During this conversation, Ji-Wan finds out that Sol has been invited to lunch by Glasses Dude. Sol, being Sol, sees no ulterior motive and reassures Ji-Wan that Glasses Dude just wanted to ask her for work advice. Ji-Wan shoots back that he could just call her about that.


We next find Sojiwan huddled together on the same side of a small restaurant table, like lovers, giggling and chatting with each other like they're the only ones there. The camera soon pans over and we realize that Glasses Dude is sitting on the other side of the table, completely ignored and vexed that Ji-Wan has crashed his wannabe date with Sol. He interjects and states how unexpected it is that Ji-Wan would show up since his reservation was just for two, and Ji-Wan innocently says she'll leave if he wanted to have a serious discussion with Sol. In a subtle act of defeat, Glasses Dude passes off his invitation as "nothing important" and essentially pays for Sojiwan to enjoy their lunch together. *Slow clap* Well done, Ji-Wan, well done.


Well, I think that's the perfect stopping point for this part... 

Check out Part 3, the last blog of this series, where I finalize recapping ONLY the #soljiwan moments of 'Nevertheless,'!

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