Poppy is reading on the couch and there appears to be something moving behind the couch toward her. It turns out to be the "Scream" ghost, wielding a knife, which lunges at Poppy screaming. Poppy, just looks up, unperturbed and says, "Hi honey!", a disappointed Chia pulls off the ghost mask and says that it's no fun if Poppy doesn't get scared. Chia then tells Poppy that they're out of coffee and Poppy screams in pure terror.

Poppy is the calmest person I know, usually impervious to my attempts to scare her... but then she'll randomly let out a horrified gasp (in turn, alarming me) at mundane things, like realizing that her phone is low on battery... 😅 Are you easily spooked like me or mostly unafraid like Poppy? 🙋🏻‍♀️ As an aside, I'll be taking a break from posting for the rest of the year to focus on spending time with family during the holidays, but I'll plan to be back and refreshed early next year! ❤️


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out of topic but you guys should really watch heartstopper and read the books! its an lgbtq+ show! im obsessed with it haha


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