Poppy's Interest

Header: "When Poppy gets interested in something..." Chia and Poppy are sitting at a table, looking at a plant that C got, C asks P if she likes it and P enthusiastically says that she loves it. In the next couple of panels, P is bringing more plants into their home and showing C how she propagated a dozen new plants. In the last panel, the header reads, "... she becomes obsessed..." and P is showing C their bathroom which is filled with plants and saying that it's now a plant nursery.

One of the things that I find really endearing about Poppy is that when she gets interested in something, she goes *all in*, which means our lives are always an adventure in some way... recently, Poppy has aggressively adopted a new plant mom identity, so we've been tending to a LOT of new green friends. 🪴🌱🚿 Any obsessions that you're into currently or historically?


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