Episode 60 | Love is Messy

Love is messy and horrible and selfish and bold the other half of it lesbian comic by sesame but different

This is based on a line from ‘The Half of It’ by Alice Wu on Netflix (so many great queer movies to watch this week 😍), which was an adorable coming-of-age story where a shy high schooler finds herself writing love letters to her crush, but under the guise of another person (a lesbian twist on the Cyrano story). 

On a related note, Alice Wu has been a personal hero of ours for years since she directed ‘Saving Face’ — a nuanced, authentic, and touching portrayal of what it’s like to come out and be yourself in a more traditional Asian household. This was back in 2004 and served as a beacon of hope for me and Poppy before we came out and is still one of our favorite films to-date. It’s a must-watch if you haven’t seen it! 🥰

We're so glad to see another thoughtful movie that creates more visibility for LGBTQ+ people of color! 🌈❤️


The Full Quote from Ellie Chu in The Half of It:

Love isn't patient and kind and humble.
Love is messy and horrible and selfish and bold.
It's not finding your perfect half.
It's the trying and the reaching and failing.
Love is being willing to ruin your good painting
For the chance at a great one. 


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