Episode 183 | Decision Maker

Caption: "When I decide what to eat", Chia opens the fridge, which is mostly empty with a few random food items, and then shouts, "Babe! I'm going to do my classic 'stir fry all the food that's about to expire'!" and Poppy yells back, "Ew, don't we only have apples and carrots?!", Caption: "When Poppy decides what to eat", Poppy is seated at the couch, watching a cooking show where they are describing the preparation of a fall-off-the-bone tender lamb shanks, she drools and then declares, "WE'RE HAVING LAMB SHANK TONIGHT!"

When it's my turn to figure out what we should eat, I usually try to do the responsible thing and cook any foods we've neglected in the fridge, which has resulted in some weird nightmare meals. Poppy, on the other hand, gets her inspiration on what to eat by watching world renowned chefs on TV... 😅


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