Episode 171 | Inseparable

A cute lesbian relationship comic about how you're always connected with your partner, regardless of if you're physically together or apart. Check out Sesame But Different for more heartwarming lesbian comics, content, and gifts.

Even when we have to be physically apart from each other, whether for work or family reasons, Poppy and I somehow still end up spending our days as though we're together. 📞💕

On a related note, if you're in a long distance relationship and either you or your partner lives in the UK and you've never met in real life before, a major UK broadcaster is looking for couples like you to facilitate helping you meet your other half for a documentary!

Check out details on: https://www.walltowall.co.uk/casting/the-nevermets_1419.aspx

*This is not a paid partnership and I'm not even based in the UK, but I loved this idea and wanted to put this out there in case it helps some of you finally meet your partners for the first time!


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