Episode 122 | Subtle Hints

A cute lesbian relationship comic about giving your girlfriend hints that you want her attention. Check out Sesame But Different for more heartwarming lesbian comics, content, and gifts.

I mean, what can I say, I'm excellent at subtly conveying my needs... 😅

Invariably, when my girlfriend is completely in the zone, that's also when I most want her to pay attention to me. This means leaning on her, playing with her hair, making unnecessary noises, or straight up asking her when she'll be done with whatever she's doing.

Sounds needy? Oh yes but, in my defense, she does the same to me too! 😂

Do you give your partner any hints that you want their attention when they're busy? What do you do?

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    that’s what me and my girlfriend Reagan do but sometimes i grab her stuff she dose not want me touching the i move all the way across the house and then run back and grab whatever she was useing that is keeping attention to me.but it always comes with a price,LoL


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