The Ultimate List of Lesbian Movies to Watch

Have you ever tried looking for a lesbian movie on Netflix or Amazon only to end up spending several hours confirming that your search results actually featured a lesbian character or storyline and/or had a happy ending? We certainly have and, thus, we want to save you time and trouble on your search for lesbian movies to watch (or avoid).

After having watched hundreds of lesbian movies together, Chia and I have seen them all–from Oscar-worthy lesbian masterpieces to disappointing films where the lesbian characters are psychotic, killed, or secretly straight. Accordingly, we've put together the most comprehensive list of lesbian movies available that you can sort, filter, and watch easily so you can save time actually enjoying the movie.

This is the lesbian movie database that we wish we had whenever we would spend countless hours searching the internet for new lesbian films to watch.

Each movie on the list includes a quick summary, how "lesbian" the storyline/plot actually is, whether or not we would personally recommend it, and direct links to watch the full movie or trailer. Most importantly, for each movie listed, we tell you whether or not it has a happy ending so you can avoid all the "bury your gays tropes".

How to use this database: 

  • Click "View larger" on the bottom left corner of the embed to view this data in a new window for the best experience:

  • Sort and filter based on your preferences (i.e. year, genre, alphabetically, recommended, happy ending, etc.):


  • Overall Rating – Based out of 5 thumbs up. 
    • 👍👍👍👍👍 - Absolutely, must-watch film.
    • 👍👍👍👍 - Great movie that exceeds expectations.
    • 👍👍👍 - Decent movie, may have a mediocre ending, amateur acting, cinematography and/or plot.
    • 👍👍 - Only watch if you're super bored and have nothing better to do.
    • 👍 - Spare your eyes and don't watch it unless you're being forced to. 
  • Happy Ending?  – Based on a combination of whether the movie has a good, satisfying conclusion and whether the lesbian characters end up together.
  • How Lesbian Is It? – Based on how much of the storyline is centered around a lesbian romance or coming out story as the main plot.


If you want to download a CSV of this database, click here


Have a movie suggestion to add, a correction you'd like to make, or just an idea for improvement? Please submit this form here.


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I’ve spent hours trawling through the most obscure places on the internet for lesbian media. Thank you SO much for not only making this, but sharing it. It’s very much appreciated!


This is absolutely epic, thank you for creating it!!


thank you for this list!



Brandon ruiz

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