Are You Team Riley or Team Harper from Happiest Season? A Must Watch Lesbian Holiday Rom Com

Team Harper or Team Riley from Happiest Season

Finding a good lesbian movie isn't an easy task, let alone a good holiday lesbian movie — it's slim pickings when you start getting into subcategories. But, Happiest Season is one of the best lesbian holiday romantic comedies that we've seen! Not only that, but it also sets the stage for what will likely be the most controversial lesbian ship debate of the year... are you Team Harper or Team Riley?


In a nutshell, Happiest Season is about the eventful week leading into Christmas where Abby, played by Kristen Stewart, agrees to spend the holidays with her girlfriend, Harper, played by Mackenzie Davis, and Harper's family.

Turns out, Harper never came out to her parents or siblings and wants KStew- I mean, Abby, to stay in the proverbial closet with her until after the holidays. While Abby agrees, this makes each day in Harper's conservative hometown more unbearable than the next. As Harper puts distance between herself and Abby as she helps her dad run for mayor and reconnects with high school friends, Abby ends up finding companionship in Riley, played by Aubrey Plaza. Riley is Harper's childhood friend/ex-girlfriend and easily bonds with Abby because she can relate to what she's going through.

Harper and Abby are clearly in love with each other, but Riley has such great chemistry with Abby as well — Chia and I have our disagreements about this. Also, why is KStew always in movies where she's torn between two love interests?

So... are you Team Harper or Team Riley?! To help you decide, we've put together the cutest moments between and reasons for Abby and Harper (Harpy) as well as for Abby and Riley (Abley):


Harper and Abby Best Lesbianship from Happiest Season

1. Coming out is tough, especially if you come from a conservative household and public appearances matter. But, in spite of all of this, Harper bites the bullet and declares her love for Abby in front of her family.

Harper Comes Out for Abby Happiest Season Lesbian Movie

2. At the start of the movie, it's clear that Harper and Abby have the perfect relationship and Abby wants to solidify this by marrying her.

Abby Wants to Propose to Harper Happiest Season

3. In spite of her dysfunctional family, Harper makes an effort to check in on Abby and make sure she's relaxed 😘

Harper and Abby in Bed Together Happiest Season Lesbian Movie

4. Harper opens Abby's eyes to how Christmas can be a great holiday and shows her new experiences/perspectives. 

Harper Abby Christmas Rooftop Scene Happiest Season

5. Harper doesn't give up on their relationship and will do whatever it takes to be with Abby.

Harper makes up with Abby Happiest Season Lesbian Movie


    Riley and Abby Happiest Season Lesbian Ship

    1. Riley always shows up for Abby at the right time and place. 

    Abby and Riley Meet Happiest Season Lesbian Rom Com

    2. Riley is proudly out and understands Abby. They've both been through the same heartbreak.

    Riley can relate to Abby Happiest Season

    3. Abby and Riley make the perfect singing duo.

    Abby and Riley Drag Bar Happiest Season Lesbian Holiday Movie

    4. Riley makes Abby laugh and knows how to cheer her up.

    Riley and Abby Happiest Season Lesbian Ship

    5. Riley appreciates Abby for who she is.

    Abby and Riley Meet at Christmas Party Happiest Season Lesbian Movie 

    Have you watched Happiest Season? If not, you can watch it now on Hulu here. Let us know who you would ship Abby with!

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    Team Riley all the way. A true Riley is a very rare kind of breed these days. You might run into a Riley once or twice in a lifetime, while a Harper is easy to find at any 2×1 Walmart discount store.


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