16 of the Cutest Lesbian & LGBTQ Greeting Cards for Valentine’s Day

When I was young and closeted, I'd remember how badly I'd want to gift my girl crush at the time a cute gift and card whenever Valentine's Day came around. Now, that I'm happily with the love of my life in a lesbian relationship, I get to do all of those things and more!

While you don't have to wait until Valentine's Day each year to gift your girlfriend, wife, or partner something special, it's certainly a great reason to take advantage of this occasion especially if you're coming down from the post-Christmas and holiday high. 

And as an added bonus idea, if you want to pair these greeting cards with a present, then a Valentine-themed photo book might be what you are looking for. Printed Memories offer an easy solution to this if you want to design your own hardbound photo book. You can import your photos locally from the computer or from your social media accounts. Any of our greeting cards will look great with it!

Now here's our list of the cutest and most romantic lesbian & LGBTQ themed Valentine's Day cards (plus where to purchase them) below:

1. Happy Hearts Day

Happy Hearts Day Lesbian Valentine's Day Card

Based on the lesbian slice-of-life comic, Sesame But Different, this Valentine’s Day card features a comic of a cute lesbian couple kissing and the inside message saying, “Happy Hearts Day”

Purchase the card here.

2. You’re My Favorite Spoon

You're My Favorite Spoon Lesbian Valentine's Day Card

Sometimes the best card is a sweet, simple message telling your girlfriend, wife, or partner that they’re your favorite. In this case, your favorite spoon. :)

Purchase the card here.

3. My Partner in Crime

Partner in Crime Lesbian Valentine's Day Card

I love the artwork and design on this card. It’s classy and sexy at the same time and what better day to tell your girlfriend/partner that they’re your partner in crime than on Valentine’s Day?

Purchase the card here.

4. Together is My Favorite Place to Be

Together is my favorite place to be lesbian valentine's day card

It’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with. The best part of Valentine’s Day is spending time together with your favorite person and this card captures it all with a sweet message.

Purchase the card here.

5. Whale You Be Mine?

whale you be mine punny valentine's day card

We love a cute punny Valentine’s Day card especially when it has double the puns and features adorable animals. While this isn’t explicitly an LGBTQ or lesbian themed card, we like to think that these two whales are 😉 

Purchase the card here and pair it with our punny homosexu-whale sticker.

6. You’re My Forever Valentine

you're my forever valentine lesbian valentine's day card

The perfect lesbian Valentine’s card to tell someone that they’re your Valentine, forever and always.

Purchase the card here.

7. We Bee-long Together

punny lgbtq lesbian valentine's day card

The more puns the better and these two are meant to bee. 🐝 This cute Valentine’s Day card is lighthearted and sweet. Perfect for your girlfriend or partner who loves animals and puns.

Purchase the card here and pair it with our punny LGBTQ stickers.

8. Vintage Ladies Kiss

Vintage lesbian valentine's day card

If you’re going for the vintage look, then this card is perfect for a lesbian Valentine’s day gift. Printed on kraft paper, featuring two ladies sharing a kiss with a red heart in the background.

Purchase the card here.

9. We Were Mermaid for Each Other

Lesbian valentine's day card

Have you ever wished that Ariel from Little Mermaid was gay? I certainly did, which makes this lesbian card perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Purchase the card here.

10. I Want You Really Baaaaad

LGBTQ Valentine's Day Card

What’s better than a cute sheep? An LGBTQ sheep. This cute punny card is perfect for a gay Valentine’s Day gift.

Purchase the card here.

11. Rain or Shine, You’re My Valentine

LGBTQ Valentine's Day Card

A simple design with a cute rhyme and LGBTQ themed colors. This card’s perfect for you if you’re looking for a more minimalist design with a sweet message.

Purchase the card here.

12. Happy Galentine’s Day

happy galentine's day lesbian valentine's day card

I love the typography on this card and the simple acknowledgement that Valentine’s Day with your lesbian girlfriend is really Galentine’s Day.

Purchase the card here.

13. I Love Eating Out...With You

Lesbian valentine's day card

This card is both raunchy and cute. I can't think of a better date night activity for Valentine's Day than eating your girlfriend out, I mean, eating out with your girlfriend...

Purchase the card here.

14. I Love You With All My Heart 

lesbian valentine's day card

A beautiful Valentine’s Day card featuring a diverse lesbian couple paired with a heartwarming message/poem. Reminds me of the love letters from A Secret Love.

Purchase the card here.

15. You Make My Heart Happy

happy valentines day lesbian greeting card

All you need this Valentine’s Day is a card with a lot of rainbow hearts. Just looking at this card makes me feel all gay and fuzzy inside.

Purchase the card here.

16. Love You S’more

punny valentine's day card

While technically not exclusively LGBTQ themed, this card was too cute to not include and can be gifted on not just Valentine’s Day but for an anniversary, birthday, etc.. Plus, who doesn’t love s’mores?

Purchase the card here.


We hope this list of cute lesbian & LGBTQ themed Valentine’s Day cards were helpful. If you need more inspiration or ideas about what to do for Valentine’s Day, check out our post on Fun Date Night Ideas.


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