9 Fun Things to Do with Your Girlfriend While Under Quarantine

Things have been unfolding very rapidly around the world as COVID-19 continues to spread in our local communities.

In California, where we live, Chia and I have been under a mandatory shelter in place, which means that we can only go out for essential needs such as getting food and groceries. 

We're both extremely grateful for our health, that our families and friends seem to be doing okay for the time being, and that we can be together during these challenging times–many people don't have those same luxuries. To try to keep things optimistic, we wanted to share some ideas of how we've been spending our time.

1. Having quality conversations with each other

One of the silver linings of being quarantined at home has been the quality time and conversations we've had together. Here are some fun ways that have helped us spark some really entertaining discussions:

  • Choose a book to read/listen to together and then discuss (I’m a huge fan of listening to audiobooks on Audible)
  • If you're more a fan of podcasts or comics, that works too!
  • Answer these 36 questions with your partner.

2. Doing fun workouts

Chia hates doing workouts that feel like working out, but she is always down to play sports and games. So with that in mind, we’ve been staying active indoors by playing Xbox Connect, jump roping with our Crossropes and utilizing our indoor ping pong table. 

At the same time, we’re also making sure to keep our minds mentally healthy and calm by meditating (we use an app called Balance).

3. Playing board games

When Chia and I first started dating, we both bonded over our mutual love of board games (yes, we're both nerds deep down). Over the past 5 years together, we've amassed a sizeable collection of 50+ games that now take up several shelves in our small apartment. One of our favorites is Pandemic, which is a strategy game that is super addicting and fitting for the times. 

Other classics that we enjoy include Carcassone, Settlers of Catan, Codenames, and Bananagrams.


4. Trying new recipes and eating healthier

One of the books that Chia and I are reading is Genius Foods by Max Lugavere. It’s completely changed our minds about what healthy eating means that is contrary to everything we’ve been told before that is "healthy" for us.


And now’s the perfect time for us to put these health and food tips into practice. We’ve been cooking a majority of our meals at home and making sure to use at least one of the genius food ingredients in each meal. The best part is combining our home-cooked meals with Netflix to turn it into a romantic date night.

5. Catching up on shows (extra points for lesbian content!)

Just like everyone else, we got to finally binge watch Love is Blind on Netflix. ❤️

Besides getting to catch up on mainstream movies and TV shows, we also love discovering a good lesbian movie/show or rewatching some of our favorites (if you're curious, here's our list of top 12 favorite lesbian movies)


One of our new favorite lesbian shows that we just got into is “Feel Good” featuring comedian Mae Martin. 

Aside from movies and TV, Chia and I also got to catch up on the latest videos from some of our favorite lesbian Youtubers. 

6. Decorating and tidying up our home

Since we recently moved, we haven’t had too much time to decorate our new home and finish unpacking everything. So we took advantage of our time at home together to do some DIY craft projects such as making a wall decal and assembling new furniture. We use to make our decal by hand, which was a super tedious process but now we have a Cricut machine at home that does it for us and we love it!

Chia is also a big fan of Marie Kondo and enjoys spending her time tidying up and organizing things in our home, which works out great for me.

7. Quality cuddle time

There’s nothing better than being able to snuggle whenever and wherever during the day. But beware of the dangers of cuddling on the couch. 😉


8. Zoom with our friends 

Lastly, while Chia and I love spending time together with just the two of us, we also miss being able to hang out with our friends so in lieu of in-person meetings and brunch dates, we’ve been scheduling virtual Zoom calls with our friends to catch up and check-in on one another. 

One fun idea to try out on Zoom is their background feature and you can even improvise real-life experiences such as karaoke via Zoom.

9. Having a gift exchange

Lesbian Gift Exchange Ideas

Let’s be honest, the days can get pretty repetitive when going outside is not an option. That’s why filling up the calendar with something out of the ordinary to spice things up is important.

One of the best things we really looked forward to during this entire experience was doing a gift exchange. We love getting each other gifts, so hunting for unique items for laughs or romance has been extremely fun. Sure, you have to be extra sneaky to hide your surprise, but that mix of giddiness and anticipation makes the challenge even better.

Just a tip: if you’re looking for a gift with the wow factor, go for bespoke items. I personally love custom-made tumblers and hydro flasks as they’re relatively cheap and practical, and you have a high degree of freedom to personalize the item. Perfect for quarantine gift exchanges with your partner, friends, and loved ones.


We know these aren’t the most creative activities, but we hope these were helpful and fun to read. Hopefully, you can try some of these activities at home with your girlfriend or virtually.

If you have any other creative ideas to share with us (especially if you’re navigating a long-distance relationship), we’d love to know!


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