Full Love Poem by Pat Henschel in “A Secret Love”– Lesbian LGBTQ Documentary on Netflix

Pat and Terry A Secret Love Black and White Photo Together

“A Secret Love” is a must-watch documentary on Netflix for any lesbian LGBTQ couple out there who aspires to have an authentic, heartwarming relationship with the love of your life for 70+ years.

The documentary highlights the love story of two women, best friends, lovers, and now wives between Pat Henschel and Terry Donahue.

One of the most heartwarming scenes in the film was when Pat rediscovers a love letter/poem titled, “Always I’ll Remember This Night” that she had written for Terry many years ago and read it out loud to her. 

In case you’re looking for the full transcript of the poem, we’ve compiled that for you below–just make sure you have your box of tissues ready. 🤧


Always, I’ll Remember This Night

It might have been just one more walk beneath the moonlight hue
But, darling, it meant everything because I walked with you
It might have been just one more night
A single night of seven
My darling, you were there with me
‘Twas one more night of heaven
On we sauntered seldom speaking 
As we passed through Moonlight Lane
Happiness walked there inside of me
When you smiled and called my name
Hours fled like winged moments
Hand in hand, we walked alone
It was one night I shall remember,
One more night to call our own.
- Pat Henschel
Always I'll Remember This Night A Secret Love Poem by Pat Henschel
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