Six Songs from Fletcher’s New Album that Every Lesbian Needs to Listen to Right Now to Get Over a Breakup

Six Songs from Fletcher’s New Album that Every Lesbian Needs to Listen to Right Now to Get Over a Breakup

Fletcher is one of the most talented gay singers out there and her newest album, "Girl of My Dreams" does not disappoint. The lyrics are deep and haunting about heartbreak, getting over breakups and loving yourself afterward. 

Breakups are messy and never fun and learning to let go of someone you loved is a universal pain we can all relate to. While I certainly was rooting for her and Shannon Beveridge to last forever, I’m glad to see she was able to channel her heartbreak into something positive that we can all love and relate to.

For all those broken souls out there, here are the six songs to listen to from Fletcher’s latest album to help you heal.

1. Becky’s So Hot

Six Songs from Fletcher’s New Album that Every Lesbian Needs to Listen to Right Now to Get Over a Breakup

There’s a reason this song went viral. I mean even T. Swift hasn’t made a song like this and she’s the OG of writing songs about exes. But for real, what can you do when your ex’s new girlfriend is actually really hot. Like can you even be mad at her because now you also have a little crush on her. Oops. Not that I can truly relate to this feeling or have been in this situation myself, but I can totally imagine how this can happen. 

There was definitely no editing her thoughts in these lyrics:

Fine, okay, I'll say, I went and stalked her

And I don't really blame you 'cause

Damn, the waist, the hips, the face, this is awkward

Are you in love like we were?

If I were you, I'd probably keep her

Makes me wanna hit her when I see her

'Cause Becky's so hot in your vintage t-shirt

Now, the real question is if Becky also thinks Fletcher’s so hot 🔥…because I know we all do...

🎵 Listen to the full song here:


2. Better Version

Better Version Best Breakup Fletcher Songs from New Album

Better Version is my favorite song of the entire album and imo, this is also the most heartfelt and heartbreaking song in the album and we all know who this song is referring to. 

And I did the heavy lifting

But she'll get a happy ending…

'Cause baby, I loved you at your worst 

And I fixed your heart, but mine still hurts

And now some other person

Is gonna get the better version of you

Those lyrics hit me hard and brought me back to memory lane. It’s so sad to think about two people trying their best to make things work but no matter what, at the end of the day, it just doesn’t work out, but the history between you two is still there. Those breakups always sting the most.

I loved how the lyrics reverse at the end to showcase how they both helped each other become better versions of themselves but ultimately, someone new will get to reap all the benefits.

🎵 Listen to the full song here:


3. Guess We Lied

Guess We Lied Fletcher Best Lesbian Breakup Songs from New Album

Have you ever been through a breakup where there were “no hard feelings”, no one cheated, and they tell you that you’ll both still be friends no matter what and that you’ll always be close and that they’ll always have love for you? Well, if you’ve been there and done that, then you’ll no doubt relate to this song:

We're not friends and we're not lovers

No, we're not enemies of each other but

Any of them would be better than nothing, nothing

I mean, Fletcher is 100% right here. Being nothing as if nothing ever happened between the two of you is the worst feeling of them all.

🎵 Listen to the full song here:


4. Sting

Sting Best Fletcher Songs from Girl of My Dreams Album

All those days after a breakup when you’re thinking about your ex and thinking about the possibility of getting back together and wondering if they’ll also want to try to make things work with you one more time. 

It stings every time you think about them and it stings even more seeing them move on and fall in love with someone new who has taken your place when you had thought that you were going to be their forever. 

Honestly, all I wanna know, why does it sting?

Why am I still hung up on things?

Are you gonna give that diamond ring

That's meant for me to her?

But maybe I like the way it sting

It's all I got left of you and me

I'd rather it keep on cutting deeper

Show what we were worth (I always thought that we were)

Gosh, why is Fletcher so good at capturing all of the emotions of going through a breakup?! 

🎵 Listen to the full song here:


5. Girl of My Dreams

girl of my dreams fletcher's new album best songs to listen to right now

The age old saying “love yourself first” is something we all have to remind ourselves of after a breakup. Here Fletcher sings about getting over all of her heartbreaks one by one until she finally is going to love herself first and be her own girl of her dreams.

I got a new rebound

I'm falling for me now

My ride or die until the end

My Romeo and Juliet

I'm my own anniversary

I'm the only girl of my dreams

Note to Fletcher though: you would be the girl of many people’s dreams. Just saying.

🎵 Listen to the full song here:

6. For Cari

for cari best fletcher songs from new girl of my dreams album

Wrapping up this list with an empowering song to remind us all to stay positive and don’t forget to love yourself through the hard times. Fletcher’s first name is Cari so this song is a toast to herself to get through all of this heartbreak. Cheers to that!

And I'm done losing sleep over things I can't be

And I've pleased everybody, so this one's for me

So I'll say farewell to the hard times

And I'll say - you to the bad vibes

🎵 Listen to the full song here:


What are your favorite songs from Fletcher’s “Girl of My Dreams” album?

🎵 Listen to the full album here:


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