Sweetest Lesbian Moments Between Dani and Jamie from The Haunting of Bly Manor

[🚨 Spoiler Alerts🚨] If you’re looking for a heartwarming ghost story this Halloween, then you must watch The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix. The series features one of the cutest lesbianships between Dani and Jamie and in between being spooked out by the show, you’ll be cheering for and falling in love with these two lesbian characters. 

We’ve compiled all of their best and sweetest gay moments together that captures their beautiful chemistry and relationship.

1. The first time Dani sees Jamie walk into the room and can’t take her eyes off of her 🥰


2. When Dani has a bad day and Jamie cheers her up


3. When Jamie calls Dani “Poppins”


4. When the roles reverse and Dani calms Jamie down 


5. When they’re both looking for the bad guy together 💪

Jamie and Dani in the gardens at night The Haunting of Bly Manor

6. When the two of them share the same values that love is selfless


7. When Dani thanks Jamie for keeping her company at night because of all the spooky things happening at the manor


8. When they look at each other longingly and you keep wondering when they’re going to kiss already


9. When Dani holds Jamie’s hand for the first time, revealing that she’s a lesbian


10. When Dani subtly tells Jamie that she looks hot


11. Then Jamie conveys the same message to Dani about her dress


12. When Dani asks Jamie to help her take off her dress…


13. When Jamie makes Dani laugh by trying to tell her dead fiance's apparition to stay away


14. When they finally kiss for the first time 😍


15. And keep kissing 😘


16. When Dani brings Jamie coffee early one morning in the garden and Jamie asks her about her true intentions


17. And then Jamie insinuates that they could go back to her flat after the pub 😉


18. When Jamie tells Dani that she’s worth it 💯


19. When they share a loving kiss underneath the moonflower 🌸


20. When they wake up in the morning together and Dani hadn’t slept this well in awhile

Jamie and Dani wake up in bed together Haunting of Bly Manor

21. When Dani asks Jamie to come back and stay the night again


22. When Jamie promises Dani that they’ll have many more nights together


23. When Jamie pinky promises Dani that she’ll be there with her until the end no matter what she is going through 


    24. When Dani feels scared about the future and Jamie reassures her that they can take it one day at a time


      25. When Jamie tells Dani that she's in love with her ❤️


      26. When they embody the Uhaul lesbian life together 👭


        27. And many years pass by with the two of them happily together

        Jamie and Dani cuddle together in The Haunting of Bly Manor

        28. When Dani proposes to Jamie 💍


        29. And Jamie says yes


        30. When Dani begins to feel the apparition inside of her taking over, Jamie calms her down and tells her that they still have many more nights together


          31. When Dani starts to not feel anything anymore and Jamie tells her she’ll feel for the both of them


          32. And lastly, when Jamie waits for Dani to come back every night and it’s implied that Jamie is there with her 💕

          Best Lesbian Moments Between Jamie and Dani


            We hope you enjoyed this and if you haven't watched The Haunting of Bly Mnaor yet, you can watch it on Netflix here.

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            Can I suggest one more? Jamie running into the lake to calm Dani down and help her out after Dani was disoriented from being possessed by Viola.

            Marco Valdo

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