All of the Cutest Wayhaught Moments From Wynonna Earp That Will Melt Your Heart

Cutest Wayhaught Kisses from Wynonna Earp

Now that the entire Wynonna Earp series has been completed, we wanted to relive some of the best Wayhaught moments and their love story from seasons 1-4 that will make you go “AWWWW”. 

These two have become one of the most iconic lesbian couples ever featured on TV.  

Here's an episode-by-episode summary of all Wayhaught scenes capturing the best, most romantic, sexiest, and heartfelt moments between the internet’s OTP, Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Officer Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell).

When It All Began (S1E02)

When Nicole (Officer Haught) walks into Shorty’s Bar for the first time and works her charm on Waverly, making her all flustered and wet 😅

Wayhaught bar scene from season one when they first meet

All of Wayhaught's scenes from season one

Nicole then proceeds to help Waverly take off her soaking shirt. Because taking off your shirt in front of a gorgeous woman who's hitting on you is a real struggle.

Wayhaught Nicole and Waverly First Scene Together Taking Off Shirt

Wayhaught Nicole and Waverly First Scene Together Taking Off Shirt

Waverly then nervously tells Nicole that she has a boyfriend, but Nicole smoothly hints that Waverly will dump her lame boyfriend eventually. 😉

Wayhaught Season One Scene When They First Met

Best Wayhaught Season One Scene When They First Met

Wayhaught Season One Scene When They First Met

Wayhaught Season One Scene When They First Met

Who wants to be with a man-boy when you can be with an extraordinary woman?

Watch the entire recap of when Nicole and Waverly first meet below:

The Buildup Continues (S1E03)

Waverly thanks Nicole for leaving her a voicemail about Wynonna and checking in earlier saying how sweet it was.

Best Wayhaught Scenes Season One Episode Two

Best Wayhaught Scenes Season One Episode Two

But can someone get the lame boyfriend out of here already?

Nicole definitely has the haughts for Waverly (S1E08)

After a scary demon attacking moment, all Nicole can think about is Waverly’s smile. I mean, clearly, if she were to die today, the last thing she would want to remember is Waverly's smile, right? ❤️

Their first kiss and the start of their adventures (S1E09)

Nicole is putting together all the weird stuff that’s happening in Purgatory but Waverly just wants to confess her love for Nicole... and make out with her!

They can’t get enough of one another (S1E10)

Nicole and Waverly find every moment to sneak into Nedley's office to be alone without being caught or seen by others.

Best Wayhaught Kisses Wynonna Earp Season One 

Modern-day lesbian Cinderella (S1E12)

Waverly is exhausted by everything that's been happening and Nicole provides just the type of emotional and physical support she needs.

Best Wayhaught Kisses from Season One Episode 12

Watch the full scene here:

Later on at the soiree, the way Nicole looks at Waverly walking down the stairs says it all. #relationshipgoals

Cutest Wayhaught Scenes form Wynonna Earp Season One Episode 12 Best Wayhaught Season One Scenes

Best Wayhaught Season One Scenes

Best Wayhaught Kisses Wynonna Earp Season One

When Waverly admits that she loves Nicole (S1E13)

In the aftermath of the chaos at the party, Waverly comes out to her sister, Wynonna and admits that she loves Nicole for the first time while trying to save her life.

Best Wayhaught Kisses Scenes from Season One

Best Wayhaught Kisses Scenes from Season One

Best Wayhaught Kisses Scenes from Season One

Because obviously, the best time to come out to your sister is right when your lover is about to be shot by your other evil sister.

Best Wayhaught Wynonna Earp Scenes Season 1 Episode 13

Thankfully, Nicole wasn't hurt and she and Waverly share a sweet moment afterwards.

Best Wayhaught Wynonna Earp Scenes Season 1 Episode 13

Best Wayhaught Wynonna Earp Scenes Season 1 Episode 13

When Nicole senses that something is wrong with Waverly (S2E01)

After an evil spirit enters Waverly's body at the end of Season One, she becomes a different person. When Nicole and Waverly kiss, Nicole senses that something is off about Waverly just by the taste of her kiss. When you know the person you love so well, you can always tell if they're possessed by a demon...

Best Wayhaught Kisses from Wynonna Earp Season Two

Best Wayhaught Kisses from Wynonna Earp Season Two

Best Wayhaught Kisses from Wynonna Earp Season Two

Best Wayhaught Kisses from Wynonna Earp Season Two

Later on, Nicole continues to express her concern for Waverly and tries to make sure that she's ok. 

Best Wayhaught Moments from Wynonna Earp Season Two

Best Wayhaught Moments from Wynonna Earp Season Two 

You're the Earpiest Earp of them all (S2E02)

After a brief fight over Nicole being undeputized, Waverly discovers a journal from her evil sister questioning whether or not she was even Earp. Disheartened by this, Nicole swoops in and reassures Waverly that she is the "Earpiest Earp" and the two share a tender moment just before Wynonna bursts in.


The two officially make up when Nicole stops by and the two agree that they hate fighting. Nicole also lets Waverly know that she'll be by her side to help her figure out her family history.

Then the two get it on with Waverly saying, "Best sex is make-up sex, right?" 😉

Watch the whole video below and get ready to have your heart melt.

Sexy Cheerleader (S2E03)

Waverly gives Nicole a sexy cheerleading dance before going to work. I mean, what's better than a cheerleader and cop role-play? Not sure how Nicole is still able to go to work after this.


The cutest part? Afterwards, when Waverly says she wasn't sure if sexy cheerleader dancing was Nicole's thing and Nicole says, "Baby, that's everybody's thing."

Cutest Wayhaught Cheerleading Scene

Cutest Wayhaught Cheerleading Scene

I'll do anything fo you (S2E05)

Waverly finally returns back to normal! While trying to get the demon out of her, Nicole almost shoots Wynonna for Waverly (it was the demon inside of her speaking) and tells Waverly that she would've shot anyone to save her. While romantic, thankfully no one got hurt.

Best Wayhaught Scenes Season Two Wynonna Earp

Best Wayhaught Scenes Season Two Wynonna Earp

You taste like my Waverly again (S2E06)

Waverly reassures Nicole that all the moments they had together while the demon was in control was still real because the only thing that she remembers are the moments when they were together. It all goes to show that demons are powerful but not as powerful as true love. ❤️

Nicole doesn't know how to lie to Waverly (S2E07)

Wynonna and Nicole end up at a strip club called Pussy Willows while on a mission and Wynonna tells Nicole to lie to Waverly about where they are, but Nicole says she can’t lie to her. Too cute.

Wayhaught Wynonna Earp Scene at Pussy Willows

Waverly ultimately ends up finding them and Nicole knows she’s in trouble and tries to say sweet things to make it up. How can you not forgive that puppy face though?

Best Wayhaught Season Two Scenes

I have never loved anyone the way I love you (S2E10)

When Waverly goes to apologize to Nicole after a fight, they find themselves facing a demon witch and Nicole ends up sacrificing herself to save Waverly. Because true love is when you would rather give up your life than see the person you love hurt.

This leads them to the hospital. Nicole is badly injured and tells Waverly that if she doesn't make it to know that she's never loved anyone the way that she loves her. 😭

Cutest Wayhaught Hospital Scene Season Two Episode Ten

Cutest Wayhaught Hospital Scene Season Two Episode Ten

Cutest Wayhaught Hospital Scene Season Two Episode Ten

Cute Wayhaught Hospital Scene

It's one of the sweetest scenes between the two.

You can watch the entire recap here. Warning: you'll need a box of tissues.

Meant to be no matter what (S2E11) 

A spell gone wrong puts everyone in an alternate universe but it’s clear that Waverly and Nicole are meant to be soulmates no matter what world they are in. Nicole also confesses that she would do a lot of things "to" Waverly. 😉

Cutest Wayhaught Scenes Season Two

Watch the whole recap below:

You are extraordinary (S2E12) 

Things get intense when Waverly and Nicole are tasked with getting Wynonna's baby to safety. Waverly questions who she is and Nicole tells her exactly who she is: extraordinary. Can these two get any sweeter?

Cute Wayhaught Scenes Season Two Episode 12

Cute Wayhaught Scenes Season Two Episode 12All Wayhaught Kiss Scenes from Season Two

Waking up in the morning next to you (S3E01)

Season 3 begins with Waverly and Nicole waking and making up in bed next to each other after al the crazy things they recently went through. It's a precious moment with just the two of them and it’s finally calm and quiet for just a few moments.

Can every day just be like this?

The two of them continue to kick ass together by defeating some vampires. They’ve always got each other’s back.

Best Wayhaught Scenes Season Three

The point is that I love you (S3E3)

While looking over funeral options, Nicole and Waverly affectionately correct this guy who assumes that they have husbands. I think he got the message.

Cutest Wayhaught Wynonna Earp Scenes Season Three

Cutest Wayhaught Wynonna Earp Scenes Season Three

Nicole discovers that she was the only survivor of a terrible massacre and this leads Waverly to question if there's such a thing as free will. Nicole assures her that even if there is no free will and they all die, she loves her and that’s all that matters.

Best Wayhaught Scenes From Season Three

Best Wayhaught Scenes From Season Three

Best Wayhaught Scenes From Season Three

Best Wayhaught Scenes From Season Three

Get your hands off my woman (S3E05)

A demon lady by the name of Jolene tries to flirt with Nicole and Waverly has none of it. She makes it clear that Nicole is her woman. After they get rid of her, Nicole and Waverly make-up after and Nicole tells Waverly that the only person she wants is her. There was never anything to worry about.


Sexy Santa (S3E06) 

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with Waverly dressing up as a sexy Santa and giving Nicole the perfect present. All I want for Christmas is you.

Wayhaught Santa Dance Scene

Watch the full scene here:


Is it happening? (S3E08)

During a dinner party, Waverly mistakenly thinks that Nicole is about to propose to her. Turns out it was just a false alarm, but whenever that day comes, we’re so ready for it.


Almost There (S3E09)

Waverly and Nicole get hot and heavy as they try to get Bulshar's ring off of Waverly's finger.

Hottest Wayhaught Scenes in Season Three Wynonna Earp

All the reasons why I love you (S3E11)

One of the sweetest moments of season 3 is when Waverly tells Charlie all the reasons why she loves Nicole.

Best Wayhaught Scenes in Season Three Episode 11

Watch the full scene here:


Is that a yes? (S3E12)

After surviving the apocalypse, Waverly proposes to Nicole! ❤️ 👏

Waverly proposes to Nicole Wayhaught Wynonna Earp

Waverly proposes to Nicole Wayhaught Wynonna Earp

Watch the entire clip below:


Reunited and it feels so...naked. (S4E2)

Season 4 begins with Waverly getting stuck in the garden. After being trapped there for some time, Waverly finally gets reunited with a naked Nicole except that it’s not the real Nicole... it's an imposter. Nonetheless, I love seeing them together, whenever, wherever, however.

Cutest Wayhaught Scenes from Season 4 Wynonna Earp

Waverly can tell if Nicole is real just by kissing her (S4E2) 

Have you ever felt that you know your significant other so well that you would 100% be able to tell if they weren't the real deal just by kissing them?

That's the case with Waverly and Nicole. And even though Waverly is kissing the fake Nicole here, it's still a cute, passionate kiss and I'm always down for any Wayhaught kisses.

Wayhaught Kiss in the Garden in Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 2

The Hottest Wayhaught Scene Ever (S4E2)

At the end of episode 2 in season 4, in perhaps the hottest scene ever in Wynonna Earp and after what seems like years in the garden, Waverly and the real Nicole are finally reunited and quickly make up for all the time they’ve been apart from each other. Bow chicka wow wow. 😉

Wayhaught love making scene season 4 episode 2

Watch their entire love making scene here.

Waverly vows to kick whoever’s ass that took Nicole’s sheriff job (S4E3)

We find out in the beginning of Season 4 that Nicole is no longer the sheriff of Purgatory and Waverly of course is there for her woman and vows to go find whoever it was that took Nicole's job.

Cutest Wayhaught Moments Wynonna Earp Season 4

I know every curve, every sigh, every taste (S4E3)

Waverly tells Nicole that while she was trapped in the garden, it tried to fool her with a fake version of Nicole, but she couldn't be fooled because she knows "every curve, every sigh, every taste" of her woman.

Wayhaught cutest moments season 4 wynonna earp

When Nicole is always super supportive of Waverly (S4E4)

Even when no one shows up to Waverly's presentation, Nicole is there and tells Waverly, "I love your PowerPoints baby."

Cutest Wayhaught Moments in Season 4

When they get frisky on the kitchen floor (S4E4)

Because there are only so many places in the house that you can do it before you naturally end up on the kitchen floor...

Wayhaught Nicole and Waverly Kitchen Floor Love Scene

Even though the world was ending, I meant every word I said. (S4E4)

After some post-coital bliss, Waverly brings up their proposal again and reassures Nicole that she meant every word she said back when she asked her to marry her.

Waverly and Nicole Cutest Moments from Wynonna Earp

When Nicole saves Waverly from a house fire (S4E5) 

After waking up from a nightmare, Nicole realizes there’s a fire in the house and quickly throws Waverly over her shoulders to carry her out to safety. Not only does she make a great sheriff, but who knew Nicole would make a hot firefighter too.

Cutest Wayhaught Moments Wynonna Earp Season 4

I like taking care of you. I’d be happy to do it for the rest of our lives. (S4E5)

When Nicole is cursed with an unfortunate spell that makes her vomit frogs... Waverly stands by her side and takes care of her--now that’s called love. 

Best Wayhaught Moments Season 4 Waverly Takes Care of Nicole

Shortly after, Nicole also has a conversation with Wynonna, Waverly’s sister, who feels bad that she is cursed with a frog vomiting spell and mentions that she wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t want to marry into this family to which Nicole replies, “ It would take a lot more than some Egyptian plague to keep me from wanting to marry your sister.” Awwww.

I love you and no matter what happens, those are the truest words I will ever speak. (S4E5)

Just as Nicole is about to try a risky cure to get rid of her frog vomiting curse, she tells Waverly that she loves her and these are the truest words she will ever speak.

Best Wayhaught Moments Season 4 Wynonna Earp

After Nicole is rescued from her curse, Waverly proposes to Nicole again and she finally says yes! The two are officially getting married! (S4E6)

Waverly proposes to Nicole Wynonna Earp Season 4

Watch a mashup of their cutest scenes leading up to their second proposal:

And of course, Nicole also proposes back to Waverly on the couch that they first made out on (S4E7)

Nicole proposes back to Waverly Wynonna Earp Season 4

When Nicole winks at Waverly (S4E7)

Even the way these two look (and wink) at each other is adorable.

Nicole winks at Waverly Wynonna Earp Season 4

Love may be the only thing that’s real. (S4E7)

Waverly makes a bet with this cupid stripper about whether love is real or not and says, “Love might be the only thing that’s real. Nicole died for me and I would kill for her. And if you can’t feel that much then I’m sorry for you. Truly.”

I mean just look at these two together.

Cutest Wayhaught Moments Wynonna Earp Season 4

Nicole has got the haughts for Waverly. (S4E7)

When Waverly gets cast with the cupid spell, making everyone around her fall in love with her, it turns Nicole into an uncontrollable animal in heat who can’t get her hands off of Waverly.

Nicole can't keep her hands off Waverly Wynonna Earp Season 4

I’m Mount Haught (S4E7)

Nicole is so enamored by Waverly under the cupid spell that all she wants to do is mount Waverly whenever she sees her. 

Nicole then proceeds to propose a wedding hashtag for them and comes up with #Wayhaught. Wonder where she got that from...

Wayhaught Cutest Moments Wynonna Earp Season 4

I don't know what just happened, but you seem to still love me. (S4E7) 

When the cupid's curse finally ends, Nicole runs into Waverly’s arms and says she doesn’t know exactly what just happened but Waverly still seems to love her, to which Waverly replies, "I do." Of course she does.

Waverly and Nicole Wayhaught cutest moments

Every time these two kiss is a cute moment (S4E8) 

These two kiss a lot. I mean, in almost every scene, but hey, we're not complaining. In this scene, the two share a sweet goodbye kiss before Nicole goes to the city to find a wedding dress and Waverly goes to spend some quality sister time with Wynonna. 

Cutest Wayhaught Kisses Wynonna Earp Season 4

You taste like marshmallows (S4E8)

Nicole, dressed in her sexy sheriff outfit, leans in to kiss Waverly and tells her she tastes like marshmallows.

I'm sure the next thing you do with marshmallows involves eating it...right?

Cutest Wayhaught Kisses Wynonna Earp Season 4

I never want you to blunt your ambition. That’s what makes you, you. (S4E9)

When Nicole hesitates to fight for her old sheriff job back, Waverly gives her the pep talk she needs because that’s what a loving, supporting partner does.

Cutest Wayhaught Moments

Waverly celebrates Nicole becoming the sheriff again. (S4E9)

Nothing can stop Waverly from loving Nicole, not even Nicole’s chicken kicking past… Honestly, this was a weird storyline in the show, so if you have no idea how chicken kicking is involved, just know that the two share another cute kiss after Nicole gets her old sheriff job back.

Cutest Waverly and Nicole Moments

When these two are each other's rock. (S4E10)

When Waverly is upset that she might be losing her sister, Wynonna, who is spiraling into alcoholism and depression, Nicole is there to comfort her.

Nicole comforts Waverly Cutest Wayhaught Scenes

Nicole goes to save Waverly (S4E10)

After Waverly gets kidnapped by her evil angel sister, Nicole is adamant that she will be the one to go and save Waverly. Because she is not going to risk losing her again.

Nicole saves Waverly Wynonna Earp

Nicole sacrifices herself to save Waverly from becoming a dark angel forever (S4E11)

As Waverly is about to go into the garden to be locked away forever protecting the Ghost River Triangle, Nicole arrives just in time and sacrifices herself instead to become the guardian of all of Ghost Triangle.

But don’t worry, no one dies. Nicole just agrees to be stuck in Purgatory forever with Waverly, the woman she loves anyway, so it all works out in the end. 

Nicole sacrifices herself for Waverly cutest Wayhaught moments

Let’s have the wedding already! (S4E11)

Now that it seems like everyone is finally safe and things are back to “normal”, Nicole and Waverly agree to move forward with their wedding plans.


I can’t wait to be your wife (S4E12)

I can't wait to be your wife waverly and nicole wynonna earp

But first, one more hook up scene before they tie the knot... (S4E12)

And of course there’s wedding drama too as Waverly’s wedding dress goes missing and it looks like they’re in another curse so as they’re trying to solve the mystery, Nicole and Waverly get hot and heavy (you know... to lighten things up) and get caught as usual in their post-coital bliss.

Wayhaught love scene Waverly and Nicole Wedding

The moment we've all been waiting for (S4E12)

One of the cutest lesbian couples/OTP of all time on TV, Wayhaught, finally ties the knot!

Wayhaught tie the knot and Nicole and Waverly get married

Watch their entire wedding scene below:



Kudos to all the writers on Wynonna Earp for creating such a beautiful and meaningful lesbian love story between these two characters. 

And kudos to Dominique Provost Chalkley and Kat Barrell for playing these two badass female characters so well and making their love story believable and relatable. Both of these actresses have also come out in real life (Dominique as queer and Kat as bi). 

Their on-screen and offscreen chemistry is undeniable and we can’t wait to see how Wayhaught’s love and relationship continue to live on forever in lesbian TV history.

Watch a compilation of Wayhaught’s entire love below:

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