30 Fun LGBTQ Activities to Do Every Day to Celebrate Pride Month

30 Fun LGBTQ Activities and Things to Do for Pride Month

Can you believe that it's already 2022? It felt like just yesterday that Pride Month 2021 was recovering from being sidelined by COVID the year before, and we all had to think of creative ways to celebrate Pride virtually during quarantine.

Thankfully, we've come a long way since then and as it becomes safer for all of us to live our lives again and be outside with friends and family, we are excited to enter into Pride Month 2022 this year and celebrate love around the world.

So how can you celebrate Pride Month 2022 wherever you are this year?

Chia and I put together a list of 30 fun LGBTQ pride month activities (one for every day of the month) that you can do virtually, at home, or together with friends and loved ones to celebrate pride this month:

1. Watch LGBTQ movies

30 Fun Things to Do to Celebrate Pride Month

You can never watch too many gay movies and the past year has been an exciting year for LGBTQ movies becoming more mainstream (i.e. Happiest Season, The World to Come, Ammonite). 

The only downside is that sometimes you’ll spend more time searching for an LGBTQ movie than you spend watching it. So for pride month this year, we’ve saved you the trouble by compiling a list of our favorite lesbian movies of all time here. Enjoy!

2. Binge-watch LGBTQ TV shows

Judy and Michelle Kiss Dead to Me Season 2

Similarly, if you prefer TV shows over movies or are the type of person that doesn’t want a good LGBTQ movie to end, then there are plenty of great gay TV shows to binge-watch. 

One of my favorite parts of watching lesbian TV shows is really getting into the lesbian ships. Let’s be real–most of the time, I’m only watching for the ship. 

Here are some recent TV shows worth watching for lesbian content:

When you’re done with those shows, you can continue your pride month with one of these 14 TV shows that feature some of the best lesbian ships we’ve seen.

3. Make a gay playlist featuring LGBTQ artists 

Wasted Youth by Fletcher Lesbian Singer

It’s been amazing seeing more and more LGBTQ artists gaining the spotlight from Fletcher, Hayley Kiyoko, to King Princess. Chia and I remember growing up when the only artists who were openly gay were Tegan and Sara.

And now that we have Spotify, Youtube, etc. (oh how the days of Kazaa are over), discovering new queer artists has never been more fun or easy.

Here’s our playlist of our favorite gay anthem songs and music by queer artists. 

4. Have a dance party 

Gay Dance Party During Pride

What good is your gay playlist during pride if you don’t put it to use? Even though we can’t march to the beats of “I’m Coming Out” this year, who says, we can’t have a dance party at home?

5. Workout to your favorite gay anthems

 Lesbian Couple Workouts

To make exercising more fun, Chia and I try mixing things up every week by doing a variety of different types of workouts whether it’s going to the park one day or doing agility exercises from an app the next. Whatever your choice of exercise, do them while blasting your favorite gay anthems and beats and celebrate pride month while staying in shape.

6. Reading Gay Books

Lesbian Books to Read

A majority of us probably had a new year’s resolution to read more this year. Well, now is the perfect time to make that happen and do so while celebrating pride month!

If you already have an extensive list of books to read, why not add a few in there that are written by gay authors or that highlight LGBTQ stories? If you’re already reading a lot of gay books, well good for you.

Some books that are currently on Chia's and my reading list are:

If you're looking for lesbian fiction books, here's a good list.

 7. Reading gay comics

Best Lesbian Webcomics and Short Stories

One of the ways you can celebrate pride this month is to read LGBTQ webcomics.

Both Chia and I loved reading comics growing up. We would eagerly wait for the latest Sunday newspaper with the colorful comics. Hence, this inspired us to create our slice-of-life webcomic, Sesame But Different, about our lesbian relationship. 

We also created a new short story comic called, “Finding Poppy” that you can check out on Webtoons!

One of our favorite lesbian comics and that we highly recommend reading is Always Human. Here are some other must-read lesbian webcomics to check out.

8. Listen to gay podcasts

Listening to lesbian podcasts during pride

Everyone and their moms seem to be listening to podcasts these days and we love incorporating podcasts into our daily routine when we’re making breakfast, driving, etc. 

Some cool podcasts to check out during pride month are:

9. Play a trivia game to learn about LGBTQ history

Playing gay trivia night

I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to LGBTQ history, I’m not the best queer out there. But it’s definitely an area I want to learn more about and because Chia and I love games, one of the activities we’re doing during pride month is playing gay trivia.

10. Discover new queer Youtube/TikTok videos and share it with someone

Watching Gay Tik Tok Videos

By now you’re probably starting to see a theme here about how to celebrate pride virtually this year–think of things you normally enjoy doing and put a gay spin on it! 

Granted, discovering new gay TikTok and YouTube videos is something we do on the daily, it doesn’t hurt to continue this fun activity for pride 2022. 😅

11. Have a virtual hangout/party with your LGBTQ friends

Virtual hangout with LGBTQ friends

Even though we can’t all celebrate together in person with our friends, we can still celebrate virtually with them. Some fun ways to spice up a virtual party is to have a theme or activity to all do together during the virtual hangout. You could even start a group Marco Polo or 1 sec video contest.

12. Wear rainbow things while getting some fresh air outside

What to Wear for Pride

This is probably the most obvious thing to do for pride. Almost everything that you can think of wearing has a rainbow version from shirts, bracelets, socks, swimsuits, etc.

Here are some awesome gay pride merch to check out:

While you can rock your pride gear all day at home, you might as well show it off too by taking a walk or hike outdoors and getting some fresh air. 

13. Do an LGBTQ themed paint night 

Rainbow Banksy Painting

Art and painting can be really therapeutic and a great way to unwind especially after a long week/everything that has been happening in the world. To be honest, Chia is the artist and I’m very terrible at art, but I always tell myself that I can create a canvas with just some shapes and colors splattered about randomly (isn’t that what MOMA is all about?).

So instead of a typical paint night, double down on the rainbow color paints and bring out your inner gay Picasso. And don't forget that glass of wine!

14. Find an LGBTQ coloring book to color

Rainbow color pencils

Do you remember when you first learned how to color? Well, coloring books are the new adult thing to do. It’s calming and therapeutic and requires no clean up afterward.

Here are some LGBTQ coloring books to host a coloring night with:

15. Make giant gummy bears

Giant Rainbow Gummy Bears 

These gooey, chewy things come in different colors of the rainbow and who doesn’t like a fun science experiment that you can eat afterward?

16. Do a wine and beer tasting at home

LGBTQ Pride Beer by Local Brewing Co

As if we needed any more reasons to consume alcohol this month, you re-create this rainbow wine flight at home. We also love the modern design on this beer from Local Brewing Co to celebrate pride. 

17. Make some rainbow cocktails (or cocktails) 

Rainbow Cocktails Mocktails LGBTQ Pride Activities

Another great excuse to get fancy with your alcohol and make delicious, colorful summer mojitos or a Rainbow Paradise Cocktail.

18. Support LGBTQ small businesses

Niki Nakayama and Carole Lida LGBTQ Chefs

There are many small businesses out there who need your support more than ever now. From e-commerce to fashion brands to local bakeries, restaurants, and artists, do a quick google search to find LGBTQ businesses near you that you can support locally or ones that you can support farther away! To help you get started, here's a great list by Autostraddle of queer businesses to support.

At the very least, we all have to eat every day so why not make a more conscious effort this month to order from restaurants owned by LGBTQ people or chefs. Here's a list of queer chefs you can check out.

19. Make a rainbow salad or meal at home

Rainbow LGBTQ Salad

If eating out isn’t your thing or you prefer to mix things up with a home-cooked meal and make something healthier at home, a fun activity you can do to celebrate pride month through food is creating a multi-color salad or meal!

Some healthy yet colorful ingredients to use are: bell peppers, blueberries, eggplants, beets, radishes, carrots, avocados. Ultimately, you can decide what you love eating the most and be creative with your dish. 

20. Bake rainbow cupcakes

LGBTQ Rainbow Cupcakes for Pride Month

There's always room for dessert after your meal and baking is the new trend during quarantine now. For pride month, you can spice things up with yummy recipes to recreate some of these gorgeous and delicious cupcakes, cookies, or other baked goods.

21. If you can’t bake it, then order a rainbow treat! 

Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookies for Pride Month

While baking is fun, I like to sometimes leave this to the experts. You’re guaranteed it will taste good and you also get to support a business that is LGBTQ friendly!

Here are some beautiful rainbow baked goods that you should check out and consider ordering:

These beautiful and delicious cookies were created by Shortn'Sweet Baked Goods:

Rainbow Pride Heart Cookies

22. Send your friends a gay care package

LGBTQ Gay Pride Box Rainbow Care Package

Who doesn’t love receiving snail mail especially when it’s a box full of fun pride things? Getting a box of goodies from a friend or loved one is always a special treat and we've put together a pride box/LGBTQ care package here.

23. Volunteer at and/or donate to an LGBTQ org

Volunteering at LGBTQ Pride Center

There are many great organizations out there that are doing important work advocating for LGBTQ issues and they are always in need of more resources, volunteers, and donations. If you’re able to, check out some local LGBTQ orgs near you that are fighting for causes you care about and do what you can to help.

24. Tune in to virtual pride events

Virtual LGBTQ Pride Events

Many cities are finding ways to host virtual pride events this year. Look at the schedules for virtual pride events in your city–it's a great way to still feel part of the community and participate in pride activities at home or with a group of close friends.

25. Play your favorite games with a gay twist 

Unstable Unicorns Board Game

Can you make a gay version of Codenames or play Fish Bowl/Charades with LGBTQ themed words? Get creative! And if you want to spice up your games, put those gay cocktails to use and turn them into a drinking game.

26. Plan a cute date night

Cute LGBTQ Couple Date Night

Sometimes celebrating Pride simply means spending time with the person you love. Take this time to plan some cute date nights for your girlfriend or significant other. If you need some inspiration, you can check out our 7 fun things to do with your girlfriend during quarantine. 

27. Turn your body into a colorful canvas

Rainbow LGBTQ Pride Nail Art

Get some rainbow face paint, hair dye, nail polish, removable tattoos, and have fun with them! Here are some inspirational things you can do with makeup to celebrate pride.

28. Make your own unique pride flag to hang up

Gay Pride Rainbow LGBTQ Flag

One of the most iconic pride symbols is the pride flag and during pride month, you typically see tons of rainbow flags hanging from homes, restaurants/bars, etc. It was a symbol to designate that a place was a safe place for members of the LGBTQ community. 

Here’s a fun way to create your own pride flag to hang up.

29. Host a DIY gay crafts night

Rainbow LGBTQ Face Masks for Pride Month

If you already have a pride flag, here are some other cool DIY crafts projects that you can do at home to celebrate gay pride including making rainbow face masks.

30. Make some new LGBTQ friends

LGBTQ Friends Celebrating Pride Together

I know, you might be wondering how you’re supposed to make new friends during this time, but there are many ways you can try to meet new people. One way to start is by joining online LGBTQ communities with people who have shared interests or trying out apps for finding new friends.

If there are any shared interest/LGBTQ groups at work, this could also be a time where you try to get to know other coworkers better and develop friendships.


Let us know other ways you're celebrating Pride Month this year in the comments below!


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