Movie Review: The Half of It (2020) by Alice Wu

Ellie and Aster kiss in The Half of It Movie

Quick Highlights:

What is it about 🤔?

The Half of It is an American coming of age film written and directed by Alice Wu, who also created another Asian-American, LGBTQ classic, Saving Face.

It centers around the lives of Ellie Chu, a shy, introverted Chinese-American, straight-A student who finds herself helping the school jock (Paul Munsky) write a love letter to woo the girl (Aster Flores) they both secretly love. 

In the process, each one teaches the other about the nature of love as they find connection in the most unlikely of places.

Does it have a happy ending 🌈? 

Yes, and no lesbians die, but the main characters and love interests don't end up together. 

Where to Watch It 🎬:

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    Full Review of the Movie:

    Full Movie Review and Summary of The Half Of It Lesbian Netflix Movie by Alice Wu from Sesame But Different


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