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Lauren and Hailey Kiss

What is it about 🤔 ?

A lighthearted, romantic comedy about a closeted woman who brings her girlfriend home for Thanksgiving, only to have her coming-out efforts thwarted by the a bunch of crazy unexpected events and family chaos.

Does it have a happy ending 🌈 ? 

Yes! It's a classic, sweet rom-com happy ending.

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Lez Bomb Movie Review and Summary


Full Summary [🚨 Spoiler Alert 🚨]

Lez Bomb Lesbian Movie Lauren and Hailey Kiss

Lauren, a closeted lesbian, plans on coming out to her family by bringing her girlfriend, Hailey, to her parents' home for Thanksgiving. However, a series of unexpected events turns what would have already been a nerve-wracking experience into a rolling dumpster fire. Lauren meticulously devised a strategy for Thanksgiving Day where she'd arrive a few hours early, break the news to her parents, and then the rest of her family and Hailey would show up later and everything would be cool.

On the day of, everything seems to go according to plan... Except, after Lauren gets to her parents' home, we find out that they are very, very bad listeners. Lauren can't get through two words without them jumping to conclusions about her having a "boyfriend", pointing out that Lauren's dad has a pie addiction, or asking her to peel carrots. Then, Lauren's male roommate, Austin, is suddenly at the door. He also apparently sent a box of smoked turkey to Lauren's parents and, despite the fact that he lives with Lauren, he neglects to tell her that he's going to crash her family's Thanksgiving. Austin's appearance leads Lauren's parents to believe that he and Lauren are dating, despite Lauren's and Austin's explicit denouncements. Again, they are extremely bad at listening.

Lauren's father decides to get better acquainted with Austin and invites him to grab some last-minute groceries with him. Austin agrees and, before he realizes something is wrong, Lauren's father has off the side of the road and begins interrogating him about the nature of Austin's relationship with Lauren. Weirdly, this gets very specific and Lauren's father asks if Austin has slept with Lauren. Austin admits that he has slept with Lauren once, a while ago, and it "didn't mean anything", which unsurprisingly enrages Lauren's father. Then, showing his true total chickenshit colors, Austin cowers under Lauren's father's wrath and, in shot gun wedding fashion, exclaims that he and Lauren are actually in a committed relationship.

Meanwhile, Lauren attempts to come out to her mother but, oh man, seriously, her mom is a TERRIBLE listener. Somehow, even though Lauren has refuted that Austin is her boyfriend and that she wants to talk about Hailey, her mom draws the conclusion that Hailey is Lauren's platonic friend and is jealous that Lauren has less time to spend with her now that Lauren is dating Austin.

Lez Bomb Lauren and Hailey

Defeated, Lauren leaves to pick Hailey up from the train station to bring her unsuspecting girlfriend into the chaos.

It becomes clear to Hailey once she's introduced to Lauren's parents that things aren't going according to plan and that Lauren is behind schedule on coming out, especially when Hailey realizes that Austin is also present and Lauren's parents seem to believe that he's dating Lauren. Suddenly, Hailey finds herself sliding firmly into the "best friend" slot, while Austin assumes Lauren's significant other role. This leads Lauren's brother, John, to believe that Hailey is single, and begins to hit on her. Amazingly, Lauren doesn't defenestrate John as he overtly makes passes at Hailey. More family members trickle in and, in the midst of the bustle and repeated but failed attempts by Lauren to come out, her uncle accidentally starts a fire in her parents' home while smoking weed in their bathroom, which results in everyone relocating to their family-owned motel.


Thanksgiving proceedings continue, and despite having several opportunities to come out, Lauren keeps stalling and Hailey has had enough. Hailey kisses John, which has the intended effect of lighting a fire under Lauren's ass, and works wonderfully as Lauren tackles her brother and finally reveals to the family that she is in a relationship with Hailey and that there's nothing between her and Austin. Unfortunately, this doesn't align with her father's conversation with Austin earlier and her father blurts out, "but Austin said he slept with you." Doubly unfortunately, this is news to Hailey, who is probably having one of the worst Thanksgivings of her life at this point.

This is interrupted by an extremely incompetent band of weed dealers who have come to collect money owed by Lauren's uncle (the same guy that sets her parents' house on fire). Lauren, who in the past 10 minutes has blossomed into a confident and outspoken gay lady is furious that her family's attention has been diverted once again, and yells that she's "trying to come out" before storming off to find Hailey.

Lez Bomb Lesbian Movie Review and Summary

After Hailey refuses to come out of their motel room, Lauren marches into Austin's room in a state of distress. Austin, who we all know is brilliant at reading the room and taking subtle cues, decides that this would be the appropriate moment to reveal to Lauren that they should be together and kisses her. Naturally, Hailey walks in on them kissing and is DONE. She exits immediately and Lauren chases after her, they have a blow out and, at the end of it, Hailey leaves the motel. Heartbroken, Lauren lashes out at her parents and returns to her room, alone.

The following day, Lauren's mom greets her with a cup of coffee and they have an emotional conversation where Lauren is finally able to properly discuss her sexuality and clear the air. All ends well and Lauren focuses her efforts on getting Hailey back.

After several days or weeks (or, who knows, lesbian time moves differently than normal time) of unanswered calls, Lauren finally barges into Hailey's yoga class and asks her to take her back. Hailey agrees and all of the yogis around them emit audible whimpers of joy.

Lez Bomb Lauren and Hailey End Scene

Our Favorite Scenes:

1. Sweet moments between Lauren and Hailey



While a lot of crazy things were happening at all times during the movie, there were still a lot of sweet and genuine one-on-one moments between Lauren and Hailey throughout. Our favorites included the opening scenes at Lauren's apartment, where Hailey and Lauren were canoodling on their couch... before getting interrupted by Austin, Hailey and Lauren's kiss outside Lauren's parents' home, and their scene in Lauren's bedroom where Hailey teases Lauren about all of the stuffed animals on her bed.

    Lez Bomb Lauren and Hailey Bedroom Scene
    2. Their heartfelt "break-up" 
    This scene was very well acted by both women. It was heartfelt, raw, and emotional. As the chaos unfolded at dinner, Hailey catches Austin kissing Lauren in her room and that was the final straw of the night for her. Lauren immediately runs after Hailey and the two unleash all of their frustrations and feelings.

    Hailey: "You have no idea what you want."

    Lauren: "I don't want to be gay!"

    While we're both extremely happy to be lesbians today, we could relate to Lauren's sentiment when we were first coping with being gay. Accepting and revealing your sexuality can be quite challenging for many of us and we often envied what it'd be like to not be gay and avoid the coming out process altogether. In any case, it was heart wrenching to see Hailey take off, but the overall levity of the movie provides hope that these two will end up together again.

      Lez Bomb Lauren and Hailey Break Up Scene

      3. The morning after walk with mom

      The morning after Thanksgiving, Lauren's mom comes to her room with coffee and the two have a heart to heart. Lauren tells her mom that she knows this isn't the life she imagined for her, but her mom lets her know that she's ok with her being a lesbian. They hug it out and take a walk outside. What we love about this entire scene is how Lauren patiently answers all of her mom's questions about her sexuality and her mom genuinely tries her best to understand her daughter better. It's heartwarming, relatable, and ends with Lauren's mom saying that she's happy as long as Lauren is happy.

        Lez Bomb Lesbian Movie Lauren and Mom

        4. Making up at the end 


        After Lauren gets back to her apartment in NYC and tells Austin she's moving out, she tries to reconnect with Hailey again, but Hailey isn't answering her calls. So naturally, after a period of time, Lauren shows up at Hailey's yoga class with Hailey's favorite flowers (remembering how Hailey is always the one giving rather than receiving flowers). While everyone is still in downward dog, Lauren asks Hailey to forgive her and take her back. To which, Hailey agrees.

          Lez Bomb Lauren and Hailey Make Up Scene

            Things we didn't like:

            1. The men were stupid

            We have great guys in our lives that we love dearly, so the male characters in the movie did a huge disservice to the representation of male allies. Lauren's brother, John, kept hitting on Hailey despite explicitly being told not to — even if Hailey was hypothetically Lauren's straight and single friend, this is still overly aggressive and creepy behavior. Lauren's uncle, between setting her parents' house on fire and being in cahoots with the least covert weed cartel ever, seems like a walking liability. Lauren's dad eats pie for breakfast and, despite being asked multiple times by Lauren's mom to figure out how to cut the Thanksgiving turkey, tries to learn this all at the last second and drops the turkey on the ground. Austin is so ridiculous that he deserves his own section below.

            Lez Bomb Lesbian Movie

            2. Austin kept ruining everything




            We could NOT with Lauren's best guy friend and roommate, Austin. First of all, what kind of roommate shows up at your parents' house for Thanksgiving without telling you first? Wouldn't you two get a ride together? Secondly, what a weirdo! Why would he send a box of smoked turkey to Lauren's parents? ... Actually, maybe that's genius... ?

            Lez Bomb Lesbian Movie

            3. There were too many side stories happening all at once

            It might have been better to have developed a few side stories more fully rather than having so many seemingly random side stories pop up.

            Lez Bomb Lesbian Movie Review

            Favorite Quotes:

            • "You don't bring the side dish with the main course home for the holidays." - Lauren's Grandma
            • "A parent is always as happy as their unhappiest child." - Lauren's Mom
            • "This is not how I saw my life. But it's so much better than anything I could've imagined. I wanna be with you." - Lauren


            We hope you enjoyed our movie review and summary of Lez Bomb! Overall, we definitely enjoyed watching it and would recommend it as a good, lighthearted and heartwarming lesbian movie, which we all know is super hard to come by!


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