Best LGBTQ & Lesbian Holiday Greeting Cards to Gift This Season

This crazy year is finally almost coming to an end and while Christmas and the holidays might not be the way you were hoping or planning for, there are still many little ways that you can make this holiday season special with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Each holiday, I love thinking of cute, unique, and romantic gifts for Chia. Often it’ll include planning a memorable date night or experience for us and a cute, punny Christmas card. But finding a sweet, LGBTQ or lesbian-themed holiday greeting card can be challenging–there just aren’t that many options out there! It’s why we decided to launch some of our own holiday card designs this year. 

We also put together this list of the best LGBTQ & lesbian holiday cards to gift to your favorite person this year. Hopefully, you’ll find these just as adorable and heartwarming as we did!

Lesbian Themed Holiday Cards:

1. All I Want for Christmas is to Cuddle with You Card

All I Want for Christmas is to Cuddle With You Lesbian Christmas Card

Featuring the lesbian slice-of-life comic, Sesame But Different, this lesbian holiday card captures the perfect sentiment you want to express to your girlfriend, wife, or partner.

Purchase the card here.

2. Have a Perfectly Splendid Christmas (Jamie & Dani) Card 

Jamie & Dani Haunting of Bly Manor Christmas Greeting Card

Let’s admit that the silver lining of this year was Jamie and Dani (one of the best lesbianships of all time) from Netflix’s The Haunting of Bly Manor series.

Purchase the card here.

3. You’re the Best Present I Could’ve Asked for Card

    Cute Lesbian Christmas Card

    Inspired by the lesbian slice-of-life comic, Sesame But Different, this sweet and heartwarming lesbian holiday card that’ll make your partner go “Aww” when you tell her that she’s the best present you could’ve asked for.

    Purchase the card here.

    4. Gay Gals Holding Hands Christmas Card

    Gay Gals Holding Hands Christmas Card

    A heartwarming card of a lesbian couple holding hands. Sometimes you just don't need any words to express how much you love someone.

    Purchase the card here.

    5. Carol Christmas Greeting Card

    Carol Christmas Card

    One of our favorite lesbian movies of all time. This Carol inspired Christmas card is perfect for the holidays.

    Purchase the card here.

    6. Cane I Snuggle With You Card

    Cane I snuggle with you punny lesbian christmas holiday card

    A cute pun and an even cuter message. This Christmas card is the perfect gift to celebrate your lesbian relationship this holiday season. Artwork created based on the lesbian webcomic, Sesame But Different.

    Purchase the card here.

    7. To My Amazing Wife At Christmas Time Card

    Wife Girlfriend Christmas Card

    An adorable card of two female grizzly bears holding hands in the winter. Bonus: you can customize the card to say “girlfriend, partner, fiancee, or other” as well.

    Purchase the card here.

    8. Kiss Me Lesbian Christmas Card 

    Kiss Me Lesbian Greeting Card

    A cute, romantic comic featuring a loving lesbian relationship based greeting card inspired by the slice-of-life webcomic, Sesame But Different.

    Purchase the card here.

    9. Merry Christmas to My Fave Lesbian Card

    My favorite lesbian christmas card

    Whether you have one or many lesbians in your life, you can gift this cute rainbow stripes card to all of your favorites.

    Purchase the card here.

    10. Sending You a Christmas Carol Card

    Carol Movie Christmas Card

    You can’t have too many Carol Christmas puns or Carol greeting cards. This one features Therese and Carol together.

    Purchase the card here.

    LGBTQ Themed Holiday Cards:

    11. “I’m So Gay for You” Rainbow LGBTQ Card

    I'm so gay for you lgbtq holiday card

    A cute minimalist card with a simple, sweet message to tell that special person how much they make you happy. 

    Purchase the card here.

    12. Jingle all the Gay Card

    Jingle all the Gay Christmas Card

    You can’t go wrong with rainbows, gays and puns. Plus this card gives me an empowering superhero vibe.

    Purchase the card here.

    13. Merry Christmas & Happy Holigays Card

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holigays Card

    We love the holigays. This is a modern, minimalist style card that can be gifted to all of your LGBTQ friends and allies.

    Purchase the card here.

    14. Merry Christmas to the Gays!

    Merry Christmas to the Gays Card

    A simple, yet elegant design. Perfect to send this card to your favorite gay couple.

    Purchase the card here.

    15. Ho Ho Homo! Card

    Ho Ho Homo Punny Christmas Card

    Add some gay to and light up someone's day with this punny rainbow Christmas lights card. 

    Purchase the card here.

    16. Happy Holigays Christmas Wreath Card

    Happy Holigays Christmas Wreath Card

    Just a simple Happy Holigays card that lets you write your own personal message inside. Perfect for those looking to order a pack of simple LGBTQ holiday cards.

    Purchase the card here.

    17. Merry Queersmas Card

    Merry Queersmas Punny Card

    Can we start saying Merry Queersmas now? I love this pun and the colorful block letters.

    Purchase the card here.


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